Welcome to The Lake Cottages



We live just outside Stockholm on the island of Färingsö. Here we have two cottages, just a couple of yards from the lake, waiting for you.

A warm summerday you can go for a swim or just stay on the sandy beach enjoying your holiday.

The cottages are situated in a very calm residential area with fantastic surroundings, among others an old quarry with its old village from the beginning of the 19th century. There are lots of walking paths, golf- and tennis courts and of course you have many water sports to choose from in the summer. In the winter you can go skiing, both down hills and cross country.

On the way out here you pass the Palace of Drottningholm, where the king and the queen live. Here you can go for a walk in the beautiful park. This is only about 10 minutes drive from us. From the park you can go by boat right into the middle of Stockholm. The boats run frequently and you can even have a meal on board.

Both the cottages are modern, equipped with warm and cold water, toilet and a shower, a smaller kitchen with a fridge and a small freezer. They are well insulated, so you can stay here even in the winter. Both cottages have a bed room, kitchen and a living room. They were renovated in 2008.

Contact us:
Cajsa Strömstedt
Strandvägen 35; 17961 STENHAMRA

+46 (8) 56046002

+46 (70) 7511182


Lake Cottages is a part of  De Strömstedska Husen